Shipping Policy

Enjoy! up to 95% of our products are Worldwide free shipping.

Shipping Procedure

1st Email

We send a confirmation e-mail once you place an order.

2nd Email

We send 2nd e-mail after your order has been shipped. This is contained the tracking information with some instructions on how to track your parcel. The total time it takes to deliver your item is described below:

Worldwide Shipping

Your order is shipped within 1-5 business days. This “1-5 business days” is known as Processing Time. Your item will be ship after processing. There are few steps involved with processing.

1- Receiving your order   
2- Waiting for payment released
3- Inspection of your Product and packing
4- Ship your order

After processed and shipped your order, we will email your tracking number. Click here to check your tracking information. If you have any problems tracking your number, please contact  us at

 All items being sold at Shopperscomplex are guaranteed to be delivered base on following information.

We refund your full payments if you did not receive your item before the Guaranteed Time.

Full refunds may not available under the following circumstances. Please give us more time for the delivery base on following circumstances:

1.Delays caused by the buyer providing incorrect or incomplete delivery information.

2 Delays in delivery caused by any force majeure incidents, such as natural disasters, bad weather, and war.

3.Any order that is lost or stolen after your item has been delivered. In other words when tracking information says your item has been delivered.

4.Delays in delivery caused by any other beyond Shopperscomplex control, such as Customs issues.

Estimated Delivery Time is base on your location. Please note certain countries may not have tracking information.  Check the bottom list in order to find out your country’s delivery time and tracking availability.

Country (Location) Cost Delivery Time Tracking Available Guaranteed Time
Australia Free or Charge 13-25 Yes 90
Austria Free or Charge 17-28 Yes 90
Belarus Free or Charge 23-45 Yes 90
Belgium Free or Charge 17-35 Yes 90
Brazil Free or Charge 35-90 Yes 90
Bulgaria Free or Charge 16-35 Yes 90
Canada Free or Charge 16-30 Yes 90
Cyprus Free or Charge 24-48 Yes 90
Czech Republic Free or Charge 19-35 Yes 90
Denmark Free or Charge 23-45 Yes 90
Estonia Free or Charge 26-45 Yes 90
Finland Free or Charge 18-35 Yes 90
France Free or Charge 14-25 Yes 90
Germany Free or Charge 20-45 Yes 90
Hong Kong Free or Charge 15-30 Yes 90
Hungary Free or Charge 20-35 Yes 90
India Free or Charge 27-45 Yes 90
Ireland Free or Charge 20-45 Yes 90
Israel Free or Charge 19-35 Yes 90
Italy Free or Charge 20-90 Yes 90
Japan Free or Charge 13-25 Yes 90
Korea Free or Charge 13-25 Yes 90
Latvia Free or Charge 32-50 Yes 90
Lithuania Free or Charge 34-55 Yes 90
Luxembourg Free or Charge 18-35 Yes 90
Malaysia Free or Charge 22-45 Yes 90
Mexico Free or Charge 46-90 Yes 90
Netherlands Free or Charge 12-20 Yes 90
New Zealand Free or Charge 14-35 Yes 90
Norway Free or Charge 19-35 Yes 90
Poland Free or Charge 25-45 Yes 90
Portugal Free or Charge 21-45 Yes 90
Qatar Free or Charge 21-45 No 90
Romania Free or Charge 29-55 No 90
Russian Federation Free or Charge 26-48 Yes 90
Singapore Free or Charge 17-38 Yes 90
Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Free or Charge 20-35 Yes 90
Slovenia Free or Charge 20-38 Yes 90
South Africa Free or Charge 40-90 Yes 90
Spain Free or Charge 14-25 Yes 90
Sweden Free or Charge 22-38 Yes 90
Switzerland Free or Charge 18-33 Yes 90
Thailand Free or Charge 12-28 Yes 90
Turkey Free or Charge 24-45 Yes 90
United Kingdom Free or Charge 20-45 Yes 90
United States Free or Charge 12-25 Yes 90


As we all know that International shipping is more complicated. Your goods have to go through both countries customs and transit stations. This is where uncontrollable delays take place much appreciation for your understanding.

Please keep in mind that, we do not ship items purchased to any other address except to your originally entered address or PayPal profile address.  Basically, this is to avoid any misleading and fraudulent practices. However, if you want your delivery to another address, kindly change your address prior to purchase.

If by any chance, your purchased item/items are misplaced and come back to us due to wrong address that you had provided, then, you have to pay for the shipping. (if it is our fault we will take full responsibility)

Your Satisfaction is Our Success

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